Custom Shearing Shed Fit-outs

Explore galley of various shearing shed fit-outs, suited to new or existing sheds.

Balmoral, VIC

- 4 Stand Curved Shearing Shed Fit-out

Stawell, VIC

- 3 Stand Jarrah Shearing Shed Fit-out
- Front & Rear Fill Catch Pens

Wal wal, VIC

- 4 Stand Curved Board Design
- Return Race
- 850 Head Holding Capacity on Grating
- Raised Jarrah Board
- Jarrah Wool Floor Area

vite vite north, VIC

- 6 Stand Curved Board Shearing Shed
- Flat Board Design to Improve Roustabout Safety -1285 Head Holding Capacity

Birchip, VIC

- 4 Stand Shearing Shed
- Customised Design to Fit in Existing Shed

Gringegolgona, VIC

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Bluff Beach, SA


maryborough, VIC


mortlake, vic

- 2-Stand custom design shearing modules installed
- Front-fill catching pen design
- Custom design to fit in with existing grating & in new shed

Custom Designed Stock Yards

Explore galley of various custom designed stock yards.

Kaniva, VIC

Denmark, WA

- 5200 Bull-lock Cattle Crush
- 4.8m cattle King Ramp with walkway
- Concrete Working Areas
- Drafting Pound
- Man Access Gates

Colac, VIC

- Spring shut man ways with dog flaps for easy access - Approx. 9000 head holding capacity,
approx. 4750 head working capacity
- Spring latch gates throughout yards
- Dual drenching race for increase efficiency
- Tumble-swing race gates

mortlake, VIC

- Diamond pen for extra flexibility
- 350 head working capacity
- Toe recessed drench race
- Custom designed to link with existing yards and shearing shed ramp
- Provision for auto-drafter and sheep handler using semi-permanent panels

Boorowa, NSW

- Dual working race with walkway.
- Manual Drafting station
- 2x separate handler stations
- Approx. 2500 head working capacity
- Footbath

manypeaks, WA

Cowell, SA

Vite Vite, vIC


Wandering, wA

- Designed with a dual bugle to work large mobs
- Provision for bulk handler
- 8m Loading ramp with walkway

Birchmont, WA

- Tumble-swing race gate. - Custom designed to work in with new shearing
shed and cover. - Manual 3-way drafter. - Provision for auto-drafter and sheep bulk handler. - Diamond pens for increased flexibility moving
sheep between pens.

Serviceton, VIC

Lal Lal, VIC

- 4,000 Head Holding Capacity
- 2x Handlers
- Dual Race
- Footbath
- 8m Ramp
- Complete Yard, Shearing Shed and Shed Design Package